Lost in Screens

As I made my way home one sunny afternoon after finishing my duty, a heartwarming scene unfolded before my eyes. I spotted a young child seated behind his father on a motorcycle, and what struck me was the way the boy was engrossed in a mobile phone.

His little body had formed a perfect ‘C’ shape as he leaned over the screen, completely lost in the digital world. The bustling traffic, the colorful vehicles, the swaying trees, and the vibrant flowers on the traffic island—all seemed to go unnoticed by him.

It was a moment that made me think. While the internet and our trusty mobile devices are indeed incredible tools brimming with knowledge, it’s crucial not to forget their origin. These marvelous creations were crafted by the hands of ingenious humans, and though they might display images of lush trees and beautiful flowers, they can’t offer the precious gift of life that our natural world provides—clean, life-giving oxygen.

This observation served as a gentle reminder: “In the pursuit of knowledge, never lose sight of the beauty and wonder that surround us in the real world. Human connections with nature hold the true treasures of life. Remember, observations are the key to human progress; if we lose the power to observe, we risk stunting our own development.

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