Political Party Registration & Famous Political Parties in India

Registering Political Party India

In India, political parties must be registered with the Election Commission of India (ECI) in order to participate in elections at the national and state level. The process for registering a political party involves submitting an application to the ECI, along with certain required documents. These documents include:

  1. A copy of the party’s constitution
  2. A list of the party’s office bearers and members
  3. An affidavit from the party’s president and treasurer regarding the party’s funding and financial transactions
  4. A list of the party’s proposed symbol and a design of the proposed symbol

The ECI will review the application and documents and may ask for additional information or clarification if needed. Once the ECI is satisfied that the party meets all the legal requirements, it will register the party and issue a certificate of registration.

It’s worth noting that, the party should have at least 100 members from at least one-third of the total number of states/UTs in India, and the party should not be similar to any existing registered party.

Some Famous Political Parties of India

India has a multi-party system, with many political parties active at the national and state level. Some of the major political parties in India include:

  1. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): This is a right-wing party that is currently the ruling party at the center and in many states.
  2. Indian National Congress (INC): This is the oldest and one of the most prominent political parties in India, it’s considered as center-left party and was the ruling party for many years.
  3. All India Trinamool Congress (AITC): This is a regional party that is currently in power in the state of West Bengal.
  4. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP): This is a regional party that focuses on the welfare of socially and economically marginalized communities, primarily Dalits and other backwards castes.
  5. Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI(M)): These are left-wing parties that have significant support in certain states, particularly in West Bengal, Kerala, and Tripura.
  6. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP): This is a centrist party that is currently in power in the National Capital Territory of Delhi & Punjab.
  7. Shiv Sena: This is a regional party that operates primarily in the state of Maharashtra and it’s known for its hardline stance on Hindutva and Marathi nationalism.

These are some of the prominent parties in India, but there are many other regional and local parties that also participate in elections and play an important role in India’s political landscape.

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